Sunday, 27 March 2005

Haven't blogged in along time. Lost passwords and little time.
But Jill has a new job subject to references; should be a formality, She is still very tired and not a little demoralised, as the work situation is so dire. She will finish sometime around 23rd March and we do not know when she will start at St. Peters Chertsey. She has a full week off in early April and will work 2 on calls a week to avoid having to be in the lab during the daytime when the job is most pressured. (She automatically gets a day off after an on call. My guess is that she will work Sunday night and Wednesday night She plans to start at St.Peters with a clear week between Frimley Park and St. Peters, she may need more.
Church life much healthier now. It is hard work for the right reasons now.
Today is Easter Day. The LORD is risen. Otherwise I am probably wasting my time and should go off and do something else!

Off to the van till Tuesday morning after post service dinner. The weather forecast for Tuesday morning is not good. So I think I would rather come back late on Monday. Jill would rather stay until Tuesday