Wednesday, 27 April 2005

What a month. Jill has one more shift at Frimley Park Hospital. It starts tonight and tomorrow we are off to the van until Tuesday, interrupted by Sunday services and a wedding on Saturday.

Jill starts a new job on 9th May and will take about 3 months to learn the new systems, computer interfaces, machines and protocols. Then it is onto the full shift system and we will have to re learn how to find time off together as a couple. Jill will have a job that has irregular slots of time off whereas I have fixed meetings and stuff every Wednesday and Sunday and not infrequent meetings so that Tuesday and Thursday are regularly quite full. So, a mis match between our working patterns. Grr to the need for Jill to change job

But we do have a sooper little new car. It is always a lottery about whether a car is going to suit.
We have bought a Citroen C3 diesel in a nice girly lilac/metallic grey. I got it to save on fuel costs as Jill and I both clock up the miles; over 20k per year. Well I have had the first long trip. I found it comfortable to travel at motorway speed and returned 68mpg; which is 50% better than the Xantia which hope to restrict to caravan towign duties as it is getting a little elderly

I look forward to our next chat. Soory I have not phoned,but I have been out most ocassions when phoning would be a suitable time

So boys it is a very good little car for holidays