Tuesday, 3 October 2006


Thanks for this. I've had a bit of a read now. I've never taken the idea of 'saintly intercession' seriously until now. I have a few thoughts to share...

1. I'm guessing there must be a difference between what you might call 'saintly intercession' (saints praying for us) and 'praying TO the saints'. If the idea is about asking 'dead' (I use the term very very loosely!) Christians to pray for us in the same way we might ask living Christians to pray for us, then I'm beginning to appreciate it. If it's about asking them to help us in the way we might ask God directly, or if it's about worship then that's clearly crossing a line.

2. So it seems to me there may not be anything wrong with asking our brothers and sisters in christ to pray for us ('dead' or alive) but now I'm wondering - How important is it anyway? Is it worth doing? There may not be anything biblically to say we SHOULDN'T, but does that mean we SHOULD? I don't think so really. I mean when it comes to praying for each other, there's plenty in the Bible commanding us to do so, and there's plenty of places where we read how we can ask for God's help directly for ourselves but I'm not aware of any instruction in scipture that would tell us to ask 'dead' Christians to pray for us. It leaves me still very hesitant about the idea.

3. [...] I've been stretched through it and probably will grow some more by what you might say next on the subject.

Huge thanks (see I did read it in the end)

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