About Mark

This would usually be an About Me section of course, but in theory this blog has multiple contributors. I'm one of the four Dobson brothers, specifically the one who started this blog in his last year of uni. Quite a lot has changed since then.

After getting my BA in English Literature, I stayed on in Exeter for a time. I had already started going to the Catholic Chaplaincy with James and I was received into the Catholic Church in Exeter, at Sacred Heart. After that I met and fell in love with Monica, an Italian girl who was on her Erasmus year. It turned into four years in England, as I recall. I proposed, and we decided to get married in, and move to Italy.

We arrived pretty much just in time for the international financial crisis. Whereas we were hoping to find something or other for me to do, we ended up living with my in-laws for a year. After sending off my CV to various potential employers in the surrounding regions, I had a response from Omnia. After a trial, they took me on as a translator, so that's what I do now. The latest development is our wonderful little daughter Noemi Natalie.

I'm a horrendous pedant and perfectionist, which is very handy for my job, and my favourite musician is Captain Beefheart. I've enjoyed choral singing since my uni days, and (rather intermittently just now) sing with the Coro della Basilica di Fiorano Modenese. Tenor. A heroic tenor on a good day.

Last updated: 19/4/2011