Tuesday, 19 October 2004

Not blogged for a while, but I've been a little busy! First night of the show is tomorrow (today if you account for the fact that it's after midnight), and I'm really looking forward to it.

The technical rehearsal on Sunday night was about the most stressful thing I've done, and I ended up going home with a splitting headache. As it was mostly for curtains, lighting, sound, etc, much of the dialogue in the longer scenes was cut, leaving little time for costume changes, and I was on the go all night. I took so long trying to get changed that I missed an entire dance!

Tonight was great. I was able to be much more organised, I had plenty of help with my quick changes (three of them!), and the whole show's looking good. Excellent antidote to the previous night.

For those of you who've no idea what show I'm on about: click here
Look forward to seeing people at the show.

Sunday, 3 October 2004

Eyeliner is evil.

Saturday, 2 October 2004

I discovered that accountants have far more paperwork than I had thought yesterday, when I was helping David's accountant to move offices. Even with eight people working on it took a long time. I ran out of steam at about 3PM, having started at about 9AM and spending a lot of time carrying records. There was a break for lunch at Pizza Hut which I enjoyed. However when David came to get me back to town so I could get to the resident's meeting, there were a few obstacles. In order, a photocopier in the only entrance, Friday traffic jams and rain, so I decided against jogging and arrived only 10 minutes late.

However there was one bit of good news, I should be able to get Internet access at the Foyer at last, although I suspect that there will be some competition from other residents.

A good day's exercise and I'm not exhausted today, yet.