Saturday, 2 October 2004

I discovered that accountants have far more paperwork than I had thought yesterday, when I was helping David's accountant to move offices. Even with eight people working on it took a long time. I ran out of steam at about 3PM, having started at about 9AM and spending a lot of time carrying records. There was a break for lunch at Pizza Hut which I enjoyed. However when David came to get me back to town so I could get to the resident's meeting, there were a few obstacles. In order, a photocopier in the only entrance, Friday traffic jams and rain, so I decided against jogging and arrived only 10 minutes late.

However there was one bit of good news, I should be able to get Internet access at the Foyer at last, although I suspect that there will be some competition from other residents.

A good day's exercise and I'm not exhausted today, yet.