Wednesday, 29 September 2004

Well now - I don't seem to have done this in a dog's age. Trouble is, blogging's got to wait till Wednesday's these days, after which I will have forgotten most of the weekend, that being typically the more interesting portion of my week. Ah well.

In any case, I took the whole of Friday off to go to Brighton for the weekend. A not inconsiderable train journey ensued, and while I waited for Andy I wended my way down to "the pier that's fallen down" and stared at the sea for a bit. Oh, and had a "chip bap" with obscene quantities of salt and vinegar, because I was paying over the odds and because the government is trying to persuade me to cut back on salty food.

Andy pitched up by the pier that hasn't fallen down and we went for a drink. We talked and stuff, and then went back to his place. I can't remember what we did before the evening, whereupon some people went out, and some people arrived. The ones who arrived played scrabble, in which I came last. It's okay though, as I won yesterday having consumed much more alcohol.

Saturday was a day of wandering. I woke up earlier than Andy as I wanted to find a church. There was one by Hove town hall, another Sacred Heart. I got back and did some washing up from the previous night and had toast and Special K. Dinner at Andy's parents which involved bread, cheese and avocados. Never had avacados before. In the evening went to the leaving do of one of the support staff at Varndean (sp?) where Andy works. We went to a pub and Zosia phoned me. Crazy.

9:30 mass at Sacred Heart, and a little girl in front of me discovered that she was double-jointed, experimentally manouevering her fingers. Was going to wander over to Andy's church afterwards, but the doors were intimidatingly closed, making it more difficult to sneak in, and I couldn't really be bothered. Then we went to demonstrate. This involved listening to some speakers, including Tony Robinson, and walking loudly towards the Labour Party's conference centre making noise with pots and bongos and things. I didn't bring anything like that. Two minutes' silence and then approximately 1.5 mins noise. Afterwards we wandered a bit more and the watched Shaun of the Dead. Well that was a very incomplete version of my weekend - what with Zosia, Rob and James all pitching up at various stages back in Exeter there's still much more to be said, but I'm a bit bored of blogging now.