Friday, 17 September 2004

I have now left the council and have started my teacher training course. Despite doing a PGCE for secondary school I have just spent the last two weeks in a primary school and absolutely loved it. I got to take the whole of year 5 this afternoon for a little while for story time. That was a little scary but the teacher said I did really well as I kept stopping and asking them questions and things. It probably helped that the book that I was reading to them is quite good. Might actually see if I can get it out of the library or something to see what happens.

Next week I start at the university so that's going to be fun. I haven't been at university for a few years so its going to seem a little strange I think. Mind you so was being in school at first and I seemed to settle into that quite well. Adrian keeps saying that I'm a bit teachery. I'm not sure whether this is a good thing or not. He knows someone who is doing teacher training from choir who might be on my course so at least I may know one friendly face next week.

that's about all that's happening at the moment. I can't do taekwondo yet because of fracturing my arm although its a lot better and I've more or less got full movement of it. Can't quite get it straight yet but I've been told that can take quite a while to get it fully straight. That means I'm missing the grading on Sunday but I don't mind. I'd much rather my arm got better properly before I go back. Hopefully should be alright to start doing a bit of taekwondo in a week or two. Sues told me I can just do bits of the training to begin with if I want which is good, especially as I've done no exercise since we went to Scotland.