Saturday, 11 September 2004

Why am I 403'd on the CathSoc blog page?

Anyway, Ben R. arrived fairly early this morning, Steve shortly after, and we gave him a hand moving his stuff, his mum disdained our house and now I'm blogging. And James has exciting news, but if you'd read his blog - as I suspect you are likely to have before mine - you would know that. Ben is an English student apparently, so Norris is probably fearing a two-pronged attack, although most English students can't spell or use apostrophes. He doesn't seem relentlessly communicative at the minute, but hopefully it's just a question of settling down.

Steve got us new toilet seats, which is nice, but they're plastic with a bubbular effect in them, which is fairly nasty to tell the truth. And Rob's really heavy curtain-track-destroying curtains have been replaced with some very butch floral ones. Mmmm, nice.