Wednesday, 8 September 2004

Hello; long time no blog.

Apparently Steve the landlord or some of his associates came round today, because Rob's old room and Dan's old room were both locked with the keys missing. Also, I found this computer outside Rob's room. I would have moved it had I known they were coming - Ah well. I had a sneaky peek, and I don't reckon those rooms are any cleaner than after I tidied them. They just moved all the furniture into the middle of the room - is this the function of a landlord; to centralise furniture? Since Dan sort of moved out, I've been tidying up in preparation for the Bens, both of whom are coming this weekend.

Dan came round yesterday, to finish moving out. Moving out is something that Dan does in stages, it would seem. There still remains the stage of moving his futon out of James' room, where it has taken up residence, but he does know about it. He and I also reassembled the bed that he had disassembled immediately upon moving in for some reason.

Today (I think) is rubbish day, and, in a fit of presence of miind, I put the bins out. I also sprayed the garden with weedkiller. Hopefully this will sort out the bitch-ass nettles at least. I left some weedkiller in the can for those bad boys.

Recycling with Norris in a minute.