Wednesday, 29 November 2006

I didn't get the job at the hospital. Never mind. This cleaning job at the University fits really well with my timetable and the pay is quiet good. I'm happy I've got this job I'm really thankful. I spent one summer cleaning students accommodation with really nice people, I hope I will meet nice people too in this job.

I said goodbye to my friend tonight, she was happy because on Sunday her brother went to visit her with his newborn baby!

I spoke with mum as well, she stopped working now because she is suffering from rheumatism. She is going to have X ray and then we will see. Anyway, she was cheerful and calm, she was fine.

I decided to reserve Friday afternoon for my personal shopping. I need to buy something for myself, to treat me a bit. I'm not good at buying thing for myself.

OH Mark lent me Vicks Vaporub, which I discovered has been invented by you, nice English people. This makes you score a lot of points, dear England. I love Vicks Vaporub ( it's sounds a bit odd) because it reminds of my parents rubbing it on my chest, tucking me in bed and kissing me goodnight.
Got the Sky magazine this morning, it seems Sky One are showing a two-part adaptation of Terry Pratchett's Hogfather this year on the 17th and 18th of December. Since I've got Sky I'll set it up to tape, hope it's worth taping.

On the seasonal theme, I'm hoping to see more lovely snowscenes this winter. The memories (and photos) just aren't enough for me.

Check it out. My (much needed) redesign of Sacred Heart's web site.

I found out the house has had 100MB of web space since forever. Hopefully, I'll be able to make some progress towards getting it uploaded by the secretary now that it's easy to look at.

Saturday, 25 November 2006

About a month ago we got a new member of our household. (Have only just got round to blogging) Its a little cute hamster called Buscuit. Shes so cute. Her full name is dizzy buscuit as she runs round in circles alot. Mark can you tell me how to put pictures on this as I want to put on a picture!

Oh and I have updated by amazon wish list if anyone is interested.

Friday, 24 November 2006

The hearing is over! I'm so relieved! I was quiet nervous in the waiting room and I was quiet tense throught the hearing but having Mark with me helped me a lot. The chairman ( who had a pink pencase with a bunny on it) decided I had the right for an uplift and she decided that 25% was the right amount. So on top of the money I'm owed I'm going to have 25% more, which is good. If I'm not paid within 42 days from the hearing there will be interests as well at 8%. Unfortunately, I won't have this money soon but I have a judgement in which there is written all the money I'm owned and that gives me the certainty that some day in the future I will get paid. The chairman suggested me to go to the CAB and see what they advise me to do.Even if it will take time I'm relieved because this hearing business was going on for such a long time.

Afterwards we went for a nice meal in Herbies. I had a delicious Greek pie with roasted vegetables and sundried tomatoe and wine sauce. It was really really good! Then I had apple pie, which was also really good! It was a nice meal! We deserved it.

As for my tuition fee grant application, the lady on the phone said "it is a clerical mistake" , which I wasn't really sure about the meaning. I said I was worried that my application was being cancelled but she said "no, bye bye". Not really friendly. So I guess I just need to wait.

Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Well, I've just finished to talk with Marghe. 64 minutes and 12 seconds!!! She reminded me that I won't be able to phone for the whole Advent as the convent close, physically, to the outside world until Christmas' Day. But I can feel her praying for me and we are closer than ever since she is a nun. On the day she took the habit she said that that was going to be a great blessing for everybody and a manifestation of God's love for us. That day I was so busy crying for a friend I was about to loose that I couldn't see anything else.
But she was right, of course, she has always been, this is a great great blessing.

While we were on the phone the other nuns were watching "Chicken little". Yesterday, being the Presentation of Mary, and being the feast of all the novices, they had a party with nice food, lots of food, they like eating these nuns, games and they performed in a little show with songs. I wish I could be there to see my friend performing!

Time for Grease now!
Last night I checked on-line the status of my student finance application and found out that was cancelled. On the status box first said "to be completed" than in the next line "cancelled". My brain refuses to accept that cancelled means actually cancelled! I send immediately an e-mail but no answers yet. Tomorrow morning I'm going to phone. I can't believe it. I just can't think that this will mean more worries and forms to fill.

Last night I also received an e-mail from my ex-colleague saying that she withdrew the claim because her solicitor advised her to apply for a RP1 form instead. So next Friday at the hearing it will be just me. It seems like Mark is able to come to give me psychological support and then I promised him we are going out for a nice meal to celebrate the end, maybe, of this long, stressful thing. Mark helped me a lot this morning with all the documents to prepare, I really don't know if I could have cope with all this business if it wasn't for him. I phoned the RP1 people and they said I am entitled to claim by RP1 only if the company is insolvent and there is a liquidator, but this is not my case, so they suggested me to go on with the tribunal and see what happens.

Despite all this, I'm quiet happy today. Mark and I met in the morning and it's definitely a great way to start a day. It made me of good humour for all day. In the afternoon I had the interview with the hospital for a sort of admin job. It has been a nice interview it's really friendly place I think I would like to work there, but they want people to start as soon as possible and with me going back to Italy on the 12 I don't know if I have any chance to get it. It was good anyway.

In a bit I'm going to phone Marghe, we will have a looooooooooong chat as usual than I think it will be Grease therapy time!

Sunday, 19 November 2006

Coventry vs Owls


Adrian's first day out in what seems like ages

Popped down to Coventry on Saturday to watch the footy. Dad had kindly got two tickets for the game, and Coventry being in the middle of Manchester and Camberley, we decided to meet early for lunch, have a drink, then go to the game. For me, this meant a two hour drive largely down the M6, with the sun in my eyes the whole way.

The preceding evening had been spent printing off maps (as I've not been to Coventry before, that I recall), and we'd decided on a rough location (Longford) to meet up in, and a pub (JK English Pub) to go to. I got parked, found my way to the main road and phoned Dad. I was assuming he'd be in the area as he'd a shorter journey to make and had set off earlier. Still on his way.

While waiting, I popped into a pub (coated with "Sky Blue Fans Only" posters) to check where I was, and where the JK was. Very friendly little pub, got directions after a little confusion and waited at the bus stop to keep the sun out of my eyes. Had a nice chat with an older lady, and a bloke from the pub even came out to tell me I was at the wrong bus stop for the direction I wanted to go in. First impression is that Longford's a very nice friendly little spot. Lots of Sikhs around too. Manchester's got a decent sized Asian population, but I've not seen many Sikhs for years. The lady at the bus stop did say that the middle of Coventry's a bit grotty.

Dad arrived, and promtly had to move my car as I'd unwittingly parked in one of the many "No parking on matchdays for non-locals" areas. Finally having arrived, we made our way to the JK. Now if you're in Coventry for a match - go here. It used to be an Indian restaurant, and is now a pub, but they still do both a decent curry and a decent pint. Matchday parking for £4. I'll be parking there next time.

To Be Continued....
Just a quick post to let everyone know that my Amazon Wish List has been updated.

Also, I could do with a decent (second hand?) printer, preferably one that doesn't require expensive ink cartridges, possibly as a Christmas present.

Thursday, 16 November 2006

Getting a benefit claim can tax the most patient of people. Especially when it's almost impossible to get through to them because the contact number leaves you on hold for over an hour on a good day. Another little wrinkle was ironed out yesterday, but left me rather irritated, so today I indulged in a bit of carefully budgeted retail therapy in Plymouth. Found a few books in a second hand bookshop that Amazon didn't seem to stock, unfortunately the machine declined my card for some reason, so had to find a cashpoint.

Got back to the train station, didn't have to wait for a train, but discovered the toilet door wouldn't close properly because the switch in the door frame that controls the "Engaged" sign in the carriage had broken and was jamming the door. I stuck with it, keeping a foot on the door for decency's sake and sat down for a pleasant trip back to Exeter, and arriving at Exeter St David's station, for some reason the door control didn't become usable until over five minutes after the train had completely stopped. Note to self, If I ever remember that train company, fill in a complaint form.

Surprisingly enough, I'm not annoyed by the mishaps listed above, perhaps having a nice day out for better for me than I thought it would be.

Wednesday, 15 November 2006

I'm trying to fill in the Health Questionnaire for the interview I have on Wednesday with the Hospital. I have to fill in the same thing for the job at the University, which they say is subjected to satisfactory references and my Health questionneire. I phoned my parents to ask for dates of various immunisations,and checking that yes, when we were children my sister and I got all the possible diseases in the world. Anyway, it's quiet hard translate medical terms,what is chicken pox? It's such a strange name for a disease, anyway I had it, ( on my Oxford Wordpower Dictionary along with the explanation there was written varicella, which is what I had). Rubella is a nice word, I like it, it's quiet an happy word with double ll and a final a. But I don't know what it is. My Dictionary doesn't help me with Rubella, I need to look on the internet, the same for Heaf test and BCG.

Oh my internet conection is working again!!! I managed to mail some pictures to my family after 2 weeks of trying.

I passed the first module of the ECDL course. I'm relieved, it was a bit difficult, but the assistant was really nice, she said I could ask her for help if I didn't understand something. She said other non native speakers had trouble with the language, and so had I. Planning applications,without a context didn't mean anything to me.

I tried to phone my friend, Margherita, but she's got the flu, so I couldn't speak with her.

Trees are wonderful in this season. The coulors are so beautiful! I'm going to take some pictures on my way to campus tomorrow, I cam mail them to my parents and print some out for Marghe!

Lorenzo, my brother-in-law, has downloaded Broken Sword 3 for my dad. I spoke to him tonight he said he's stuck in the kitchen trying to open a safe but he doesn't know what to do. I said, "Dad, go out and talk to all the people you meet" He said " There are only 2 persons and I've done it so many times that 1 escapes as soon as she saw me the other 1 shuts herself in the house watching TV rather than speak to me!" I laughed a lot!

Thursday, 9 November 2006

UPDATED 16.11.06

Yesterday, Ben was laughing at the thought of my family all having only one suggestion of something to get for me for Christmas, so I had a think and came up with the following:
  • Beethoven - Piano Sonatas Nos 8, 14 and 21 by Radu Lupu and Piano Works, Vol 7 by Artur Schnabel - these represent some recordings accidentally destroyed by an ex-housemate who shall not be named - they've been missed. However, these ones are recommended by Radio 3 yet come in at under a tenner on Amazon.
  • Barometer
  • Classic Dr. Whos involving Cybermen - not Earthshock as I don't think it's very good, controversially
  • An ikon of Christ, am thinking rather a large poster than a small ikon proper - my side wall is quite Marian; Jesus needs more wallspace I think
  • I'd rather like a portable DAB radio, but these are probably still too steep - prove me wrong!
  • The Killers' latest album - Amazon says it's called Sam's Town
  • Peep Show Series 3, again, for the record
  • Some music by Palestrina, who is, I believe the chap responsible for introducing polyphony into church music and consequently of interest to a bod such as myself
  • Now, I do have too many bibles, but I don't have is a very portable one - NRSV, RSV, King James or variant, New Jerusalem or NASB gratefully received
  • Anything on my wish list - note duplicates of things listed here already
Also please consider the following:
  • I have loooooooads of books
  • I don't know quite what I'll do with things that can't go on a plane but, naturally enough, they won't be going on a plane
  • Because I now have two families trying to buy me presents, you'd better let Monica know if you buy things
Gosh, that was a long post. They're only suggestions - if you have a better idea, run with it, I say.

Wednesday, 8 November 2006

Well, I more or less know what I'm doing for Christmas now, so here it is:

I get to Camberley somehow for the present swap on 16th Dec. Neil, I think wants to hire a car - I'll sort that out with him. Presents are exchanged, we laugh, we cry.

I assume I can hang around in Surrey until 18th, whereupon I go to Gatwick to get a plane to Bologna. I understand the trains are convenient from Blackwater (near Camberley) to Gatwick but hopefully I get a lift and save some money.

Meet Monica in Bologna, and spend Christmas and the new year in Offagna. Travel back together on 3rd Jan and head straight for Exeter. Get back quite late. Brush teeth, go to bed.

Also I've had one idea for a present family-types: Peep Show: Series 3 on DVD. I know one present isn't a lot to go on, but it occurred to me while I was killing time in W.H. Smith's.

Monday, 6 November 2006

Seeing Mum and Dad again was lovely, even if they were both too tired to do much the first couple of days they were in Exeter.

I am now fairly certain that it's going to take me a long time to find a truly suitable job for me, so I think I'll stay at Camberley from the Present Swap until the trains are relatively reliable again after Christmas.

Went to St Loye's for the fireworks display on Sunday night, the usual 20 minute delay, seemingly just for the purpose of getting the kids hyped up, remembered to take a torch so I could take the river-side route to get out of the crowd faster.

Friday, 3 November 2006

Quick Quiz

Ok chaps (& chappesses) here's a little problem for you:

Name five football teams mentioned in the Bible.
No googling now!

Wednesday, 1 November 2006

The Scary Blog

Following on from the discussions about content on blogs scaring people, I've actually been considering posting a brief explanation of some of the ideas behind my thesis on the blog. Obviously I'd simplify it, and keep to generalities - more to give a flavour of what I've been doing. I'd aim to keep it readable for anyone at GCSE/A-level maths level.

The question is: would anyone be interested? I won't bother if nobody's going to read it!