Thursday, 9 November 2006

UPDATED 16.11.06

Yesterday, Ben was laughing at the thought of my family all having only one suggestion of something to get for me for Christmas, so I had a think and came up with the following:
  • Beethoven - Piano Sonatas Nos 8, 14 and 21 by Radu Lupu and Piano Works, Vol 7 by Artur Schnabel - these represent some recordings accidentally destroyed by an ex-housemate who shall not be named - they've been missed. However, these ones are recommended by Radio 3 yet come in at under a tenner on Amazon.
  • Barometer
  • Classic Dr. Whos involving Cybermen - not Earthshock as I don't think it's very good, controversially
  • An ikon of Christ, am thinking rather a large poster than a small ikon proper - my side wall is quite Marian; Jesus needs more wallspace I think
  • I'd rather like a portable DAB radio, but these are probably still too steep - prove me wrong!
  • The Killers' latest album - Amazon says it's called Sam's Town
  • Peep Show Series 3, again, for the record
  • Some music by Palestrina, who is, I believe the chap responsible for introducing polyphony into church music and consequently of interest to a bod such as myself
  • Now, I do have too many bibles, but I don't have is a very portable one - NRSV, RSV, King James or variant, New Jerusalem or NASB gratefully received
  • Anything on my wish list - note duplicates of things listed here already
Also please consider the following:
  • I have loooooooads of books
  • I don't know quite what I'll do with things that can't go on a plane but, naturally enough, they won't be going on a plane
  • Because I now have two families trying to buy me presents, you'd better let Monica know if you buy things
Gosh, that was a long post. They're only suggestions - if you have a better idea, run with it, I say.