Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Last night I checked on-line the status of my student finance application and found out that was cancelled. On the status box first said "to be completed" than in the next line "cancelled". My brain refuses to accept that cancelled means actually cancelled! I send immediately an e-mail but no answers yet. Tomorrow morning I'm going to phone. I can't believe it. I just can't think that this will mean more worries and forms to fill.

Last night I also received an e-mail from my ex-colleague saying that she withdrew the claim because her solicitor advised her to apply for a RP1 form instead. So next Friday at the hearing it will be just me. It seems like Mark is able to come to give me psychological support and then I promised him we are going out for a nice meal to celebrate the end, maybe, of this long, stressful thing. Mark helped me a lot this morning with all the documents to prepare, I really don't know if I could have cope with all this business if it wasn't for him. I phoned the RP1 people and they said I am entitled to claim by RP1 only if the company is insolvent and there is a liquidator, but this is not my case, so they suggested me to go on with the tribunal and see what happens.

Despite all this, I'm quiet happy today. Mark and I met in the morning and it's definitely a great way to start a day. It made me of good humour for all day. In the afternoon I had the interview with the hospital for a sort of admin job. It has been a nice interview it's really friendly place I think I would like to work there, but they want people to start as soon as possible and with me going back to Italy on the 12 I don't know if I have any chance to get it. It was good anyway.

In a bit I'm going to phone Marghe, we will have a looooooooooong chat as usual than I think it will be Grease therapy time!