Friday, 24 November 2006

The hearing is over! I'm so relieved! I was quiet nervous in the waiting room and I was quiet tense throught the hearing but having Mark with me helped me a lot. The chairman ( who had a pink pencase with a bunny on it) decided I had the right for an uplift and she decided that 25% was the right amount. So on top of the money I'm owed I'm going to have 25% more, which is good. If I'm not paid within 42 days from the hearing there will be interests as well at 8%. Unfortunately, I won't have this money soon but I have a judgement in which there is written all the money I'm owned and that gives me the certainty that some day in the future I will get paid. The chairman suggested me to go to the CAB and see what they advise me to do.Even if it will take time I'm relieved because this hearing business was going on for such a long time.

Afterwards we went for a nice meal in Herbies. I had a delicious Greek pie with roasted vegetables and sundried tomatoe and wine sauce. It was really really good! Then I had apple pie, which was also really good! It was a nice meal! We deserved it.

As for my tuition fee grant application, the lady on the phone said "it is a clerical mistake" , which I wasn't really sure about the meaning. I said I was worried that my application was being cancelled but she said "no, bye bye". Not really friendly. So I guess I just need to wait.