Wednesday, 15 November 2006

I'm trying to fill in the Health Questionnaire for the interview I have on Wednesday with the Hospital. I have to fill in the same thing for the job at the University, which they say is subjected to satisfactory references and my Health questionneire. I phoned my parents to ask for dates of various immunisations,and checking that yes, when we were children my sister and I got all the possible diseases in the world. Anyway, it's quiet hard translate medical terms,what is chicken pox? It's such a strange name for a disease, anyway I had it, ( on my Oxford Wordpower Dictionary along with the explanation there was written varicella, which is what I had). Rubella is a nice word, I like it, it's quiet an happy word with double ll and a final a. But I don't know what it is. My Dictionary doesn't help me with Rubella, I need to look on the internet, the same for Heaf test and BCG.

Oh my internet conection is working again!!! I managed to mail some pictures to my family after 2 weeks of trying.

I passed the first module of the ECDL course. I'm relieved, it was a bit difficult, but the assistant was really nice, she said I could ask her for help if I didn't understand something. She said other non native speakers had trouble with the language, and so had I. Planning applications,without a context didn't mean anything to me.

I tried to phone my friend, Margherita, but she's got the flu, so I couldn't speak with her.

Trees are wonderful in this season. The coulors are so beautiful! I'm going to take some pictures on my way to campus tomorrow, I cam mail them to my parents and print some out for Marghe!

Lorenzo, my brother-in-law, has downloaded Broken Sword 3 for my dad. I spoke to him tonight he said he's stuck in the kitchen trying to open a safe but he doesn't know what to do. I said, "Dad, go out and talk to all the people you meet" He said " There are only 2 persons and I've done it so many times that 1 escapes as soon as she saw me the other 1 shuts herself in the house watching TV rather than speak to me!" I laughed a lot!