Wednesday, 29 November 2006

I didn't get the job at the hospital. Never mind. This cleaning job at the University fits really well with my timetable and the pay is quiet good. I'm happy I've got this job I'm really thankful. I spent one summer cleaning students accommodation with really nice people, I hope I will meet nice people too in this job.

I said goodbye to my friend tonight, she was happy because on Sunday her brother went to visit her with his newborn baby!

I spoke with mum as well, she stopped working now because she is suffering from rheumatism. She is going to have X ray and then we will see. Anyway, she was cheerful and calm, she was fine.

I decided to reserve Friday afternoon for my personal shopping. I need to buy something for myself, to treat me a bit. I'm not good at buying thing for myself.

OH Mark lent me Vicks Vaporub, which I discovered has been invented by you, nice English people. This makes you score a lot of points, dear England. I love Vicks Vaporub ( it's sounds a bit odd) because it reminds of my parents rubbing it on my chest, tucking me in bed and kissing me goodnight.