Wednesday, 8 November 2006

Well, I more or less know what I'm doing for Christmas now, so here it is:

I get to Camberley somehow for the present swap on 16th Dec. Neil, I think wants to hire a car - I'll sort that out with him. Presents are exchanged, we laugh, we cry.

I assume I can hang around in Surrey until 18th, whereupon I go to Gatwick to get a plane to Bologna. I understand the trains are convenient from Blackwater (near Camberley) to Gatwick but hopefully I get a lift and save some money.

Meet Monica in Bologna, and spend Christmas and the new year in Offagna. Travel back together on 3rd Jan and head straight for Exeter. Get back quite late. Brush teeth, go to bed.

Also I've had one idea for a present family-types: Peep Show: Series 3 on DVD. I know one present isn't a lot to go on, but it occurred to me while I was killing time in W.H. Smith's.