Thursday, 16 November 2006

Getting a benefit claim can tax the most patient of people. Especially when it's almost impossible to get through to them because the contact number leaves you on hold for over an hour on a good day. Another little wrinkle was ironed out yesterday, but left me rather irritated, so today I indulged in a bit of carefully budgeted retail therapy in Plymouth. Found a few books in a second hand bookshop that Amazon didn't seem to stock, unfortunately the machine declined my card for some reason, so had to find a cashpoint.

Got back to the train station, didn't have to wait for a train, but discovered the toilet door wouldn't close properly because the switch in the door frame that controls the "Engaged" sign in the carriage had broken and was jamming the door. I stuck with it, keeping a foot on the door for decency's sake and sat down for a pleasant trip back to Exeter, and arriving at Exeter St David's station, for some reason the door control didn't become usable until over five minutes after the train had completely stopped. Note to self, If I ever remember that train company, fill in a complaint form.

Surprisingly enough, I'm not annoyed by the mishaps listed above, perhaps having a nice day out for better for me than I thought it would be.