Sunday, 19 November 2006

Coventry vs Owls


Adrian's first day out in what seems like ages

Popped down to Coventry on Saturday to watch the footy. Dad had kindly got two tickets for the game, and Coventry being in the middle of Manchester and Camberley, we decided to meet early for lunch, have a drink, then go to the game. For me, this meant a two hour drive largely down the M6, with the sun in my eyes the whole way.

The preceding evening had been spent printing off maps (as I've not been to Coventry before, that I recall), and we'd decided on a rough location (Longford) to meet up in, and a pub (JK English Pub) to go to. I got parked, found my way to the main road and phoned Dad. I was assuming he'd be in the area as he'd a shorter journey to make and had set off earlier. Still on his way.

While waiting, I popped into a pub (coated with "Sky Blue Fans Only" posters) to check where I was, and where the JK was. Very friendly little pub, got directions after a little confusion and waited at the bus stop to keep the sun out of my eyes. Had a nice chat with an older lady, and a bloke from the pub even came out to tell me I was at the wrong bus stop for the direction I wanted to go in. First impression is that Longford's a very nice friendly little spot. Lots of Sikhs around too. Manchester's got a decent sized Asian population, but I've not seen many Sikhs for years. The lady at the bus stop did say that the middle of Coventry's a bit grotty.

Dad arrived, and promtly had to move my car as I'd unwittingly parked in one of the many "No parking on matchdays for non-locals" areas. Finally having arrived, we made our way to the JK. Now if you're in Coventry for a match - go here. It used to be an Indian restaurant, and is now a pub, but they still do both a decent curry and a decent pint. Matchday parking for £4. I'll be parking there next time.

To Be Continued....