Monday, 4 April 2005

Well, something worth blogging's come up. I suppose I could blog about the passing of JPII, but much has already been said by people both more knowledgeable and people less knowledgeable than I. Suffice to say I think I've been privileged to experience his papacy.

What I meant however, was that I seem to have a place for next year, with Luke, Hannah, a girl called Cake and, I believe, a guy called Matthew. I can't remember the address, but if you want to know it, you could enter yourself on this online address-book thing, and when I know it, and update it, so will you:

I am updating my address book and it would be very helpful if you could click on the link below and enter your contact details for me:

I am using a service that keeps contact details current. Just update your own contact details and then the changes appear in selected friends' address books. When I update my contact details you will see them in your address book.

Thank you for helping.

I've already sent this to most people whose e-mail addresses I know, but I wouldn't want to leave anyone out whose e-mail address I don't know.