Thursday, 10 November 2005

It's that time of year again

I can't think what I'd like for Christmas. This won't be a suprise to anyone who's asked me for the last 10 years or so, since I've tended to look confused, and then ask for money. Inspired by their campaign last year, I'd like to direct shoppers to Oxfam's website where they've got some rather cool things (donkeys, trees & such) which go to people who need them. You also get a card for the person you'd normally get a present for, telling them that you've spent the money usefully. Seems much more Christmassy that getting people stuff they don't need.

Actually, I'd also like Ziggy Stardust & Hunky Dory (Bowie), but other than that I'm out of ideas, so get a goat for someone who needs it.