Thursday, 2 March 2006


Minutes to kill at the library, so I'll blog. Luke's birthday yesterday, so had a meal out at A.S.K. or Ask, depending on who you're talking to. Amazing pizza, but incredibly tired at the end - skipped out before the bill had been settled (not without throwing an appropriate amount of money at those contemplating said bill)

Visited 4/5 agencies now, nothing much has happened yet. One of my old managers is asking me back to do some tmporary work - not sure what to do about that; sounds like a trap, but potentially very useful.

I got a book on Christian Meditation from Chritians Together at County Hall, which is good, and my work colleagues got me (no pound sign!?)35 worth of book tokens, which is a cross between a present and torture, as I had to decide what I should spend that amount of money on - the conlusion: Jeeves and Wooster, An Intorduction to Logic, British History, And a History of the Crusades.

It's going to kick me off any second, so I'd better post. Bye.