Saturday, 14 July 2007


Mum and Dad came up on Thursday night and off we toddled for graduation. The robes are a bit more impressive than the undergraduate ones.

Dave and Anna were both getting their PhDs in the same ceremony, and we got front row seats together.

Nice ceremony. Pretty short & sweet with an absence of honorary degrees (Adam Hart-Davies was given one at Emma & my undergrad graduation). I really didn't think the hat suited me, but the whole get-up went with the umbrella I took.

As expected it was wet, but not horribly so. Dinner at the Didsbury and Twelve Night in Fletcher Moss Park. This was very wet. Really really wet. Quite a good show though. My main quibble is that due to cutting out some scenes, Antonio (the bloke who rescues Sebastian from the sea, gives him his purse to look after, then promptly gets arrested while defending Sebastian's sister having mistaken her for Sebastian) is never released at the end. Poor bloke.