Saturday, 11 August 2007

A few weeks ago I had a long talk with someone after the service, she asked me if I'd ever asked God to cure my Asperger's Syndrome. I thought about it and responded, "No, the Asperger's is part of who I am, would I be the same person, would I have learnt the same lessons and grown in faith in the same way?" I can't ever remember having asked for a "cure", just for God's support and strength to cope.

I mentioned my belief that I would still have Asperger's in Heaven but it wouldn't be a problem, no tiredness, headaches etc, but it could actually let me perceive God in a way that a "normal" person wouldn't. Also I thought wouldn't it be wonderful for the disabled to experience an extra joy when they meet God, the first thing that the blind see, the deaf hear would be the glory of God, the crippled leaping into His arms and so on. I believe that, even if Asperger's was intended as a curse by Satan, God can turn it into a blessing.


Anonymous said...

I'm new to this blog, and only just stumbled across it now for the first time. I've only read this months entry, so pardon me for asking questions you may have answered 12 months ago!!

Firstly congratulations on being awarded your doctorate. Well done. I can only imagine it was a gruesome 3 years.

With regards to the Asperger's; I didn't think it was "curable" anyway. Plus, I thought people who have Asperger's live almost "normal" lives anyway.

Were you uber-clever at school then? I understand Albert Einstein and Bill Gates had/have AS. Normally people with AS tend to excel in areas such as maths (which is clearly the case with you).

Are you really pedantic too . . or is that not the case with you.

Also people with AS (as I have read) tend to do things in set routine? Do you find you are doing things persistently in set routine . . .or is that only in the extreme cases of AS.

Did you find AS effected you at school or not?

I could go on, and start asking about the social thing/communicating with other people . . . but I think that is pushing it a bit . . if I haven't asked enough personal questions already!!!

If you don't want to answer on your blog;I'll send you my e- mail if you prefer, because of the privacy thing!!

Congratulations on your doctorate again.

Neil said...

Doctorate? I never finished university, I think you are confusing me,(Neil) with my (non-AS) brother, Adrian.

I don't mind answering questions about AS, but I'd rather know who I'm talking to first.

I suggest you e-mail my "junk" e-mail account, "" rather than risk junk-mailers seeing your e-mail address. I can respond on my main e-mail address later.

Anonymous said...

sorry about that. yeah i didnt read the small print. . . and just ignored the different avatars!!!

yes i was referring to adrian. if you want to delete the above post you can.

This is the first group blog I've come across!!

Adrian said...

Cheers. The PhD was a nice two years followed by a gruesome two years (few people finish in three years) followed by a six month wait for a viva, followed by corrections. I'm just relieved to have finished the thing, having lost my enthusiasm for academic pursuits. I guess I'm a recovering academic now!

Are you anyone we know, Anon?

Anonymous said...

Does Miah mean anything to you? No, I didn't think so.

Adrian said...

I recognise the name from Gooseania & Sasha's blogs. Nice to see you here.