Saturday, 15 September 2007

Visiting People

I neglected to mention that we've managed to do a reasonable amount of visiting people over the summer. On the way back from Pembrokeshire we stayed the night with Nick and Ann in Swansea. Nice meal, courtesy of Ann, followed by a walk down Swansea beach to the cinema to see The Simpsons Movie.

Next day we headed off to Neath where we had lunch with James and Sonia (nice curry buffet type arrangement) before driving all the way back up to Manchester.

The following weekend we went to Nan's 80th birthday bash, visiting two sets of parents en route in Wolverhampton and Corby (Northamptonshire) respectively.

With a mere two weeks of summer holiday remaining to Emma, she set about preparing for the decoration of the dining room. We had a surprise visit from James Hall (formerly my housemate whilst at Sheffield uni, now resident in Cambridge, although his mum lives about half an hour away from us) during the second coat of the walls. As it was getting late, James and I got curry while Emma finished off the final wall. (I should point out that I did offer to finish the painting while Emma & James got curry!)

It's been really nice this summer to see so many people over the summer, and it was very pleasant spending some time with Emma (not teaching for a few weeks was a great help). Decorating's quite therapeutic, and I'm looking forward to trying it with a little less time pressure.


miah said...

corby's a dump. . .i'm originally from northamptonshire(but not corby).lol.

i once watched QI (no i'm not a geek; just intrigued by steve fry(!))where corby was the subject and it was descibed as the "largest town in europe not to have it's own railway station!! and mentioned someyhing about a local trouser pressing factory!!

which direction do you want to go now (employment wise) with your PhD?

miah said...

you did ur UG at sheffield . . . i actually bumped into you once in the brian hartley room in the newman building . . . where i tapped you on the shoulder and said "why are u wearing a SU t-shirt for on the Man Uni campus?" No? . . . well never mind, it was over a year ago . . (or i'm confusing you for someone else who graduated from SU)

Adrian said...

No, that was me. Nice to put a face to you!

I'm currently in a rubbish temping job. I'm only just starting to apply for proper jobs, having not thought about careers sufficiently before graduating, and being knackered after finishing.

I'm looking at finance type stuff, most likely actuarial, though I've seen what looks like a decent option doing Operational Research for the government.

Haven't you recently finished? What are you aiming for?

Emma said...

Go and sod off to your own hole in Northamptonshire then!