Sunday, 22 June 2008

Free stuff. Does someone want it?

Because I'm going to Italy soon (and I will be married in two months and a day!) there's a pile of stuff in our front room which I'm clearly not going to want to take to Italy, but perhaps someone else wants it. If this is the case, let me know if you want to drop round and pick it up. It'll only end up in a skip otherwise:
  • 6x black, plastic, stackable in-trays
  • 2x wooden CD cases. Capacity 21 & 42 respectively.
  • Small blue and white rug
  • MIDI keyboard
  • Most of a balloon-modelling kit
  • 2x free-standing CD racks. Capacity 100 each.
  • Big bag o' tea-lights
  • Wrapping paper
Update: Cool. Freecycle seems to work quite well. Push comes to shove, Ella, I could recycle the wrapping paper - but I think Ed wants it.


Ella said...

When you say skip do you mean charity shop? :o)

Mark said...

Perhaps that is what I meant, yes.