Sunday, 7 September 2008

Luna di Miele


We're back from our moon of honey. This may just be a brief note, as I'm on a pretty slow computer trying to kill some time.

I wouldn't expect a lot of blogging from me for a little while. Shortly before we left, Monica's laptop stopped turning on, and we committed it into the hands of Lorenzo's brother (who used to work at a computer repair shop), via Lorenzo, via Vanessa. Basically it's dead. We're going to ask if the computer place can retrieve the data that was on it, but it's not a sure thing. We may have lost a lot of pictures, and the approx. 1500 word Italian vocabulary file that I was typing in dutifully every day. Plus, I now don't really have a way of listening to podcasts, which was my substitute for watching telly in foreignerland. Ho, and furthermore, hum.

On to cheerier matters, Greece was great. We went to an island called Σκιαθος (assuming Blogger allows unicode Greek) , which has nice beaches in plenty and is proper tourist, which was something new to me. We went to the beach, ate in restaurants every day (which was largely lovely) wandered around, and sailed around, visited a monastery, did a little shopping, saw some churches. It was good.

I bought some Greek mountain tea, having heard about it on one of the cruises, and it's nice. We saw lots of icons, and were intrigued to find St. John the Baptist regularly depicted with angel's wings. We would have asked, but the kind of people we thought were likely to know probably wouldn't have spoken English. In any case, wikipedia tells me that I guessed correctly. I said that as "angelos" means "messenger", it most likely refers to his role as the messenger of the Messiah. And so it is, c.f. Mk 1:2 where the word "angelos" is used about St. John. We were driven around on crazy buses by crazy Greeks. All good fun.


Neil said...

As long as the laptop's hard drive is undamaged(i.e. hasn't broken down), the data on it should be recoverable.

It might just be the power supply or processor has packed up.

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