Sunday, 20 September 2009



Apparently no damage has been reported, so I don't suppose it'll touch the British papers, but just in case...

There was an earthquake last night, that we felt at about 6, I think. 4.6 On the Richter scale, depth of 37km. The area affected was between the provinces of Ancona and Macerata and the epicentre was between Montefano e Santa Maria Nuova (Macerata, not the one near us).

Like I say, no damage reported, except to Monica and Vanessa's psyche.

P.S. Monica would prefer me to mention that the bed was shaking for under a minute (the number of seconds is in dispute) and the furniture (especially the display cabinet) was making disquieting noises. I think she's worried I might have made her sound like a wuss (pappamolla). She's not. I wasn't so worried, but I suspect that's more due to ignorance than anything else.
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