Friday, 25 March 2005

I didn't have the best Saturday last weekend, everything started to go wrong. A clock stopped for no apparent reason and has since been going all week. The glass spontaneously cracked in a clock waiting to go, and assorted other not-my-fault problems occured. Unsurprisingly having started the day feeling down, I did some therapeutic crying in the washroom. David kindly allowed me to go home once I had composed myself. Dad suggested that this might be to do letting out some of the disapointment and hurt from my university farce and later IT dead-end career attempt. Somewhat reassuring.

The rest of the week has been quite reasonable, although I may start paying my rent in cash to prevent their delay in paying in my rent check from mucking up my budget.

I ended up working longer than the usual half-day on Thursday, in order that David wasn't alone in the shop since, two of his staff were off and the other one was attending a funeral in the early afternoon. Still it means I can finish two and a half hours earlier one day if I so choose.

I'm in Camberley for this weekend, enjoying the time with my parents and enduring (sorry enjoying) Nicholas's company.