Thursday, 3 March 2005

It was really nice to see Mum and Dad again on Thursday, even though they were both tired. The meal with them and Mark was most enjoyable.

David's been off on holiday since Saturday and seems to have picked up some nasty disease so he's been off ill. Becasue of this there have been a few minor delays. For example an Oil-and-Setup job that needs dismantling to get a mainspring hooked on again is waiting for David to call the customer who "know exactly what the problem is" *sigh*. Before anyone asked why don't I call the customer, Norman insists that David must do that part.

So far I've had a most enjoyable birthday. Mum called, if only to pass the phone to Dad as she was leaving for work. I called Nan myself, having seen the weather reports from Kent, I was a little worried about her, but as usual she's fine. The only slight downside was that Mark was in Swansea, visiting Nicholas when I asked if he'd fancy a meal out this evening. Curse my faulty memory.