Thursday, 5 May 2005

I decided to consolidate my half days this week with the bank holiday. Worked all Tuesday and Took all of Thursday off and it's been quite a productive day so far. I was the first one in the polling station this morning. Went for a swim and did 20 lengths in about 25 min without stopping.

On returning, I read for a bit before going to a meeting with my support worker about this possible new place. It's called Mortimer House, the rent's £66.51 pw for a bedsit (kitchen, bathroom and bedroom) or £68.27 pw for a flat (kitchen, sitting room, bathroom and bedroom) However the actual floor space seems very similar according to the support worker. I would need more stuff for the kitchen (crockery, cutlery and so on), the bedroom (pillow, quilt and bedsheets). But I believe that it would be a good step towards independant living, not to mention more storage space.
I've got an appointment on Thursday next week to check out the place.

This is only partly to do with my rent increase from £240 to £300 every 4 weeks, but also due to the increasing level of nightly disturbance from passers-by both walking and driving. David has noted that after I've had a bad night's sleep, I tend to be a little testy sometimes and we both feel that moving to a quieter area would benefit us both.

More fun with computers, Norman asked me to help research a broadband provider, this took a little while. But I think that if he gets his son to do the set up things should go OK.