Tuesday, 17 May 2005

Last Thursday, I had a look at the prospective new place (Mortimer House, Grendon Road, EX1 2NL), looks very nice, separate kitchen and bedroom, bath and shower combo. Tons of storage space, on a quiet road surrounded by nursing homes.
A mixed perk is that I can pay BT £75 to put a phoneline in and thus proceed to having full-time internet access, so I think I'll put my recreational budget on hold for a while.
On the downside, I would need to buy kitchenware (pans, crockery, cutlery etc), bedsheets (inc quilt and pillow) etc. Trevor has kindly volunteered to lend me some kitchenware if I need it. I think that the kitchen stuff, I used at university is still in the garage in Camberley, so I may be able to use that.

However, I have not yet had an interview although I have received the "we have your application and are processing it" bit of paper. I've been advised by the Foyer staff that making use of the support facilities on a regular basis would be a good idea, especially at the beginning.
A bit of praying would be much appreciated.