Friday, 15 July 2005

Found an entertaining website it's a spoof of the Secret of Mana game of the SNES, a little South Park-y, a little Simpsons-esque. Very Silly

I hate humid and hot weather, I finally have the time to exercise more and I'm too lethargic from the heat, and feeling sweaty to want to do anything other than sit in front of an electric fan with a cup of squash. At least the forecast for the weekend says that the humidity should drop on Saturday which should feel much nicer.

Another week of minor frustrations and successes, unusually David was in on the Monday, arriving just as I was about to e-mail and fax the timesheets to the accountants so we'd get paid on time as he'd asked me to do last week. Thus interrupted, I assumed he would send the timesheets late on in the day. At the end of the day I asked if he'd sent the timesheets as was written in his office diary, he hadn't so I offered to send them the next day first thing, which I did.
The shop's rent check seems to have got lost in the post, I may be partly responsible as I forgot to post it on the way home on Wednesday of last week , I posted it first thing the next day but it hadn't arrived, rather worrying.
Trevor finally started to final check the seven clocks waiting to go, some of which have been waiting a while, however some of them required some finally adjustment which was a little annoying, but hopefully I'll have some free bench space again.