Thursday, 28 July 2005

I discovered an interesting property of the lovely duvet cover Mum made for me, it swallowed almost every item except my pajamas and clean underwear for tomorrow, highly interesting. A less enjoyable re-discovery was that brambles hurt when you don't notice them hanging over the pavement. However I took a calm, reasoned approach and on my return journey brought my worn-out top-cutters with me and did a little public spirited pruning:).

On the house to home transition, I've bought some picture hooks to so I can hang up some pictures to break up the monotony of white walls, and requested the maintenance guy to put them up for me as they staff prefer. I'm intending to get a book on vegetarian cooking to see if there's some nice meals I can make without overloading my tiny freezer compartment with frozen meat. I've given Mark my old blackout curtains since the ones in his new bedroom aren't very good, helping him and getting them out of storage.

Selling some of my old videos on E-bay is going well, I posted five off on Saturday, on Monday my new DVD arrived, £10 profit without any loss to my viewing library.