Thursday, 25 August 2005

Call me cynical but... why is the fact of something happening usually accepted as evidence of providence?

Yesterday there was news, though it concerns someone whom I know but slightly. He got a job working for an organization that "does" Christianity in schools - don't know a great deal about it beyond that. Anyway, he did, and it made everyone happy. I'll take it as read that he prayed that the result of the interview would be God's will, as did the interviewing panel - I should hope that it's the done thing.

And there was much rejoicing; "Isn't it funny that God didn't give him any other jobs 'til now", or words to that effect - "It's odd, because it doesn't seem like his kind of job, but God clearly thinks otherwise."

Seems to me that being a Christian, and prayer, is regarded as an insurance policy against anything happening which is antithetical to God's will in one's life. Seems pretty unlikely to me.
A doctrine identifying the Deity with the universe and its phenomena.[...]
Seems a bit like pantheism.