Sunday, 2 April 2006


Went to the Manchester Climbing Centre in Gorton yesterday with Goran, who kindly showed us (myself and Emma) how to climb. We've been a couple of times before (once to Froggatt Edge in the Peak District with some university friends) but have forgotten nearly everything due to the ravages of time. Emma was feeling better, having been off school all week with laryngitis, but still has not got much of a voice, and was a little suprised to run into some of her school kids there (not as suprised as them, I suppose).
Stayed climbing most of the afternoon, with Emma doing most of the belaying (that's the guy at the bottom holding the rope so that you don't hit the floor when you fall off the wall) and me doing the hard work climbing. Apparently I could do with losing some weight.

Saw V for Vendetta - mindless entertainment - in the evening with Hadi & Goran, and then went for pizza, kebab & chicken. Pleasant day. Oh, and Wednesday are 6 points clear of relegation with 5 games to go, so I'm gradually calming down about the football.