Saturday, 15 April 2006

This may sound odd, but I often enjoy talking to Jehovah's Witnesses, which was the case this morning, while waiting for someone to open the clock shop I work in.
The conversation meandered a bit, including the importance of the Bible as the "repair manual" for humanity, the importance of understanding the context of the Bible to understand pieces like the significance of Jesus saying "I am" (Mark 14:62) (John 18:8-9), the exact phrase being one only God could use.
The fun part came when he gave me a pamphlet, which claimed that the "new earth" and "new heavens" refer to "a righteous society of people living on earth" and "a perfect heavenly kingdom, or government". I took a different stance following from Revelations (21:1) "Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away". I stated my belief this earth would cease to be, like a building with failing foundations it would be torn down to make way for a new perfect earth.
The next fun part that got him thinking was my belief that God actively works through mechanisms understandable by science as well as supernatural means, as the Genesis Chapter 1 version of the creation story, parallels the current scientific belief about the creation of the universe. And that God used evolution as His tool to create all life.
The reason I enjoy these discussions is that I enjoy turning the tables on the evangelists of the less theologically sound religions.
The day continued to be interesting when a chap turned up at the shop carrying a white bunny outfit, apparently he's taking part in the upcoming fun-run to raise money for charity. And somehow the shop was involved in a photo shoot from a local paper, I decided to turn down the opportunity to be photographed next to a giant rabbit.
I then had a few fun jobs to do, fitting a replacement movement into a case, requiring a lot of parts transferred from the old movement. I have the most interesting Saturdays.