Saturday, 9 September 2006

This is me in Rivelin Valley after having slipped on my bum I managed to climb this waterfall. I was feeling a bit like Indiana Jones. This was the park where the little Dobsons used to splash around in the river with Wellington boots. ( Can you imagine a little Mark splashing around in this beautiful park? I can and I like it!)
Mark and Neil walking in the park where they used to play when they were little. It's a good park for sleighing in the snow.
This is Mark's old house. He used to be on the 1st floor and watching at the lights of the cars in the night. How romantic!
This is where my Mark learned to cycle. ( Can you imagine a little, very cute Mark,(( He has just complained that I m saying this because he's not cute anymore, how queer! My little Mark is now.... larger, he said, I say he's my love and he is beautiful molto molto bello)) cycling on this path? Oh well, I can and I love it. He has just complained about me not putting the full stop inside the brackets, how much I love him!)

I would like to thank Mark and Neil for taking me to these places. But I think I should thank Philip and Jill for raising Mark in such a lovely place. I really liked Sheffield especially the Rivelin Valley, so much that I slipped on my bum! Just to leave a signature.