Wednesday, 28 February 2007

May I make a request? Can we only use post labels if we think, at some point in the future, someone might actually want to look back at all the posts about X? I think it's a bit of a stretch of the imagination, for example, to say that in two years time someone will think "I really want to know what thoughts the Dobsons have had about boxes over the years."

Message ends.

I should post about my job at some point, but, equally, I should go to bed.


Adrian said...

Where's my "beer" label? I demand its return. I'm very likely to catalogue my beer drinking adventures over the years, and may wish to gaze longingly back at the beverages I've sampled upon a time.

Philip Dobson said...

Could there be a wonderful parents label? I notice there are not quite so many references to the wonderfulness of your parents as the situations of life might warrant. heaven forfend that I should be immodest, but the world could glow on reading of my wonderfulness, having a label might prompt you to write of this essentila topic more often

(Your wonderful father)

PS Remember the original meaning of wonderful

Mahinda said...

Hello, Clan Dobson!

I'd not checked into DobLog for quite some time...since my self-imposed January and early Feb ban on blogs and blogging, in fact.

It looks at least 4.3 times as good as it used to. Very slick.

Adrian looks a bit strange in his little picture, and why isn't there one for Emma? You should impose one on to her, at the very least!

j.preece said...

Boxes? I'm intrigued.

Mark said...

a) I'd be interested in fully-fledged beer reviews, but the most specific that you got was to say that you had a lager on the way somewhere. Rubbish.

b) A good idea. I suggest you audit all the posts for traces of parental grandeur.

c) Adrian always looks strange. I suggest you impose one on Emma - you're much more proximate.

d) You'd have been disappointed.