Saturday, 10 February 2007

We now have the keys to our new house. And why is Philip always right, yes it was an anticlimax going round to look at it. Now all the furniture is gone it is easy to see all the bad bits of the house and I think we will be decorating a few rooms in the near future. Philip right again about keeping the money I have saved to one side for a month after moving in before putting into the mortgage.

The new boiler is a combi boiler and looks good. However it is much smaller than the old one and so above the boiler is a right mess. Nice grey actual walls of the house. And its the same under the worksurface where the washing machine was when we looked round. Not very nice. Adrian would now like to do some work on the kitchen sooner than we originally thought. The fridge freezer is excellent though. Nice rack for storing bottles of wine and they have left it really clean.

The main thing that I am worried about is that we did not rush to buy a bed which we need as Alex said that he was leaving one. However the bed frame is ok but the mattress is absolutely awful. I would be much more comfortable on the floor using my camping mattress. And that is only an inch thick. We are going to get in touch with our current landlord and find out from him where he got our bed in the old house. He might even be willing to sell us it as he bought it in new for when we rented the house. Its quite a nice bed as well. Any suggestions on beds appreicated.

Anyway going to go and clean the house now. It will look better without all the cobwebs in the corners.


Rosy At Random said...

Last time I checked, Pete's Sarah might have some spare beds and stuff

Emma said...

Have sorted the bed problem now. Are going to buy the bed at our old house for £50 from our landlord. Bargin as it was brand new when we moved in a year a half ago and is really nice.