Thursday, 13 January 2005

Finally had my long overdue resident's review, I spend most of the time talking and as usual rather surprised the staff member with my far-traveled history.

Afterwards I used the new cooking stuff for the first time and made a batch of raspberry flapjacks, although I think I overcooked them since they were a bit dry. Oh well, not bad for my first baking attempt with a cheap plug in oven.

I had a bit of a breakthrough at work, some of my platform-regulated clocks had been consistently gaining despite attempts adjust them. It was suggested that I use a spring one size smaller to power the time train (no jokes, that's the actual term) and it seems to be working. However another clock I started on recently had a spring in the chime train that was under two-thirds of the size it should have been, despite that the clock seems to be a reasonable shape.
My colleague Matt has set a new bushing record for the shop of 35 bushes, that's almost every one in the plates and both ends of every spring barrel. I'm just glad I didn't get that one!

It's nice to be back in Exeter, you can't beat spending time with my family but it's nice to be home again.