Thursday, 27 January 2005

A more frustrating start to the week, with the dreaded cuckoo clocks taking centre stage.

Monday was OK, I managed to get the cuckoo clock in beat (even tick-tock so it will keep going properly). The quality of the mass-produced tat is appalling and my personal recomendation is if you must buy a cuckoo clock, only buy a high-quality one.

Tuesday started badly, David had forgotten that neither Trevor or Norman were coming in and so myself, and the other two staff members were standing out in the cold wind for the best part of a hour. Once we finally got in Trevor called to say that I needed to do a little more work on the cuckoo clock which he had mostly finished off Monday evening. I did the adjustment but then the cuckoo clock started to malfunction again. By 11:30 my temper was beginning to fray, so I moved onto other work.

Wednesday was OK, Two of my E-bay items had sold, but I discovered that the newly-fitted smoke detector was too sensitive, and was triggered by me grilling a beefburger to the point of starting to cook. The only way to shut it off was to unplug it. I think I may need to unplug it whenever I'm cooking, and reconnect it whenever I'm sure the thing won't go off!

Today seemed OK, but for some reason I felt rather frustrated. My repainted clock hands from yesterday had come out well and it was a half day.

One bit of rather good news for me is that now that I have a proper residents account, I can actually use the Internet and download stuff to a CD, but as was recently discovered keeping my anti-virus software up to date is quite and good idea.