Thursday, 20 January 2005

A interesting start to the week, I finally got the go-ahead to assemble a mechanical to quartz conversion, and with some help from Trevor was able to get it done to my satisfaction.
I started to work on an American clock of the standard this-was-never-designed-to-be-serviced. I was quite happy to discover that I was able to bush the most awkward holes with a little creative thinking. FYI; Bushing is restoring the worn-out holes in the clock plate so that the gears spin freely again.
Matt, my co-worker was feeling a little ill this week and went home early on Monday to Wednesday, while I missed the company, It was nice to have the workshop to myself for a change.
The next job I did was a part-job to replace the lines for silencing the strike and chime hammers, hampered by the fact that I couldn't remove the clock from the case because the die-cast heads of the mounting screws had disintegrated.

I put a few Playstation games and Strategy Guide up for sale on E-bay, I hope I'll get a nice amount towards a hopefully forthcoming PC upgrade.