Tuesday, 7 June 2005

Things are getting a little busy, I'm trying to stockpile boxes rather than attempt to buy them. One of the Foyer staff thinks she'll have some info about transportation by Friday. I'm going to take some measurements at Mortimer House tomorrow. I've got an appointment on Thursday to try and sort out some benefits.
Isn't moving house just the most exciting thing to do? *Sigh*, well I don't have enough free time to worry about this, just getting on with what I can do is enough.

We're having a run of crap clocks to work on at the shop, oily worn-out low-grade tat which we have to restore to working order. And let us not forget the ham-fisted bodgers who worked on these before, using only the horological knowledge gleaned from Antique's Roadshow and DIY skills at the limit on wobbly shelves. Preserve us from the metalwork teachers who think that they can safely make their own fusee barrels, designed to hold the largest, most powerful springs in common use. We can only warn them of their peril.