Tuesday, 21 June 2005

Well I've finally moved to my new bedsit and things are going well, 80% unpacked 40-50% organised. But it looks like a home now, so when I have the time, I'll probably sort out the rest.

The very welcome assistance of the Foyer staff enabled me to get almost everything was moved in record time. Far cheaper than hiring a van and thankfully less exhausting, I've gone for the traditional boxes of chocolates as a thank you.

It was really nice to come back and see Mum returned from work, looking as good as when she used to go to Frimley Park Hospital. She seems much happier and hopefully when she's back on the shift system she'll be able to go out and do more with Dad which should help with dispelling the last remnants of the rut FPH dragged her into.

Once I've got a telephone and checked that the line's working I'll send my new land line number to every other Dobson, Garrett and Forni that wishes it.