Thursday, 30 June 2005

Well I finally have my own Internet connection, Yay!
It's working obviously since I'm blogging now, I was amazed by how much in the way of updates for all my important software there was, thank goodness I don't have a limit on Internet use during the first month. Don't have a new e-mail account yet, so just keep using the old one for now.

Although there was a little difficulty with getting hold of my modem. Apparently ParcelForce are unable to consider the possibility that in a block of flats calling the office is a good idea if the person is out. Alternatively there is the option of leaving one of their "I sorry, we were unable to deliver this". After finally getting hold of them I arranged to go to their depot and collect it. A good brisk walk of 50min got me there. And I was able to collect it at last and take a bus most of the way home. Sigh, such is life.

Some more positive news, my stuff is unpacked and organised at last, it's really feeling like home now, Kate, my support worker, resembles Abigail, a little disconcerting at first, but like Abigail, she's a nice person to talk with. The Book Club was a little disappointing, no one else turned up! Kate has volunteered to help me meet with a book club member so at least I should know next time if it's been cancelled.