Monday, 12 June 2006

Buongiorno. It's just Monica and I in the house at the moment. As t's Monday, everybody's doing something except us, so while she performs various grooming tasks, I blog.

After the aforementioned, we had a look around Offagna's castle/fort/tower thing, which is good for taking pictures like this from:

It is like a little castle, it's got guardrooms, munitions rooms, battlements, a tirture chamber - the works. Monica used to give the tours so she could tell me everything the guidebook could directly. In one of the weapons rooms there was an excerpt, apropos of nothing, from the Bayeux tapestry. The tower was built 3/400 years afterwards, so it was something I might have smugly mentioned in the visitor's book if there was one. There wasn't, for the benefit of all parties. It also has a bell. This is what it looks like when an inglese in a floppy capello gives it a ring (you can do these kinds of things in an Italian villlage apparently), realises it's un po forte and runs away in embarassment:

And this is me looking about as tough as it is humanly possible for me to do at the behest of la mia ragazza. I look like a complete spoon:

Finally, from the picture point of view, this is central Offagna, looking up. We're quite close to Monica's house, which is up the hill:

Hmmm. It's not working. Maybe there's a three picture limit or something. Never mind. Then we had a little walk in the sun. And then it was finally time for mass.

It was nice, realxed, and what with a very comprehensive service sheet, I could follow it and do most of the responses, but they really whizz through the creed in Italia. "Dio di dio, luce da luce, generato non creato" is one of the easier bits.

Had pizza for dinner, which was good. Though Monica pulls a rather disgusted face when she sees ham and pineapple on an English pizza, they seem to have stooped to chip pizza in Italia, which seems absurd to me. Not that any of the Zagaglie really seemed to like it.