Sunday, 25 June 2006

I decided since the World Cup was present (infesting) most channels I'd watch some recorded programs. I borrowed Angel season five on DVD from the library, included an episode where Angel gets turned into a living puppet and the reactions from the other characters are wonderful. Only problem is that Angel series seems to mostly be set in gloomy surrounds, so in order to see clearly I've had to close the curtains, not ideal in the current hot weather.

Went to my housegroup's barbecue after the Belmont morning service, sited at a static caravan outside Exeter, specifically near a large duckpond. Enjoyable conversations, good food, and gently letting down a very junior fossil hunter, (may have lumbered his grandfather with a trip to Lyme Regis.) An enjoyable bit of techno-chat until we agreed that we were confusing (and boring) the non-techies. Dragonflies, geese and ducklings on the lake pond. Great fun.