Tuesday, 20 June 2006

Does anyone else get accused of sneaking up on people besides me? This morning I was doing the usual morning clean-up of the shop area, opened the front door to receive the post and then went back into the work shop to put away the glass cleaner. Startled Trevor a bit, he thought I'd left the shop.

Still it has been quite a good day, if hotter and more humid than I care for. David is back at work again, which is a relief, although the amount of catching up he's had to do must seem like a mountain-load. The customers seemed to realise that David was back, as about five people came into the shop in rapid succession, this morning.

One more bit of good news, David has come second place in a 'employer of disabled people' thing, he hadn't applied for this, but it is not really a surprise to his staff as he is a very good employer and since only one of his staff doesn't have some form of disability.