Tuesday, 29 August 2006

Sunday 27th August
Went to St Martin's Church, Dad did a "interactive" sermon, asking the congregation about what evil they saw in the world, my two bits was about the use of "religion" and "morality" to justify evil and foolish deeds. The World Trade Centre attack, the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, the Middle-East crisis etc.
Went to the caravan park near Verwood with Mum navigating, didn't sleep very well, nearly bright enough to read by and heavy rain.

Monday 28th August
Went to Branksome Chine beach with Mum and Dad, spent the morning on the beach and walked towards Bournemouth pier, stopping off for lunch before heading back. Dad mentioned the fun both he and all his boys had when he was tipping us out of our rubber dingy and helping us back in again and again. Despite the trials of growing up with my disability, I mostly remember the joy and security my parents gave me throughout my life. Slept much better this night, it wasn't so bright.

Tuesday 29th August
Had a quiet morning in and drove back to Exeter, starting out a about 11am, might have done the clock winding in the afternoon except for one little snag in two parts, the appalling traffic. The train strike today combining with the holidaymakers returning home after the bank holiday weekend caused long queues of traffic along most of my route. Many people seemed to regard any clear stretchs of road as a chance to slow down to 20mph below the speed limit to look at the scenery, while the oncoming traffic was too heavy for even the most impatient driver to try and overtake.
After finally getting out of the queues I got a further unpleasant surprise, Topsham Road, one of the major routes in and out of Exeter was closed due to roadworks and the diverted traffic was being fed into my normal route into the city. Apparently the roadworks had started about the same time as I left Exeter on the 24th and would continue until the 3rd of September. Again the train strike had worsened a bad situation.
Decided not to got into work this afternoon, as my normally sunny disposition was somewhat absent, having been unable to stop for lunch for fear of not being able to get back onto the road again afterwards.